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brand affinity for organic search
Paid and Organic SEO
How to use brand affinity to unlock organic search opportunities
Touted as both the antidote to diminishing returns on ad spend, and as the playbook used by conscientious brands like Patagonia and Netflix, it’s safe to say that brand affinity marketing has been getting a lot of air time. But what’s talked about less is the positive effect [brand affinity]( can have in organic search. Let’s take off our marketing hats for a moment and remember that at the end of the day, we’re consumers, we’re internet users, and first and foremost — we’re all human. That’s exactly why we tend to gravitate towards businesses that feel less like a provider of a good or service, and more like a brand we can connect with [emotionally and ethically](
life insurance reassured ltd case study trustpilot
Social Proof
Reassured tell us how they use Trustpilot reviews
Reassured is the UK’s largest life insurance broker. The business specialises in arranging suitable life insurance and funeral plans to families across the country. The Reassured team is proud to have helped protect over 400,000 families to this day. Their focus on customer satisfaction at all levels and stages of the customer journey has helped them achieve an incredible 4.8/5 TrustScore, from over 30,000 online reviews. To better understand how the team utilise the Trustpilot platform to improve their service, build trust and showcase their reputation, we spoke with Ben Bendall, SEO & Analytics Manager at [Reassured](
Social Proof for High Ticket Conversions and Luxury Brands
Social Proof
How luxury brands can use social proof to ignite high value conversions
If you think that today’s online shoppers are afraid to buy high ticket items online, think again. According to luxury retail experts McKinsey, online sales of personal luxury goods like watches, jewelry, apparel, beauty, and perfume are on track to more than triple by 2025. At that rate, it won’t be long before nearly one fifth of high ticket luxury purchases take place entirely online. It almost goes without saying that life online plays a crucial role in the way luxury shoppers choose brands and products — whether it’s through Instagram feeds, influencers, articles in fashion magazines, or simply seeking the tried and true wisdom of their fellow online shoppers. Per the same [McKinsey]( insights, close to 80% of luxury sales are digitally influenced, presenting quite an opportunity for anyone selling high value items online to craft a trustworthy reputation across the many digital channels customers use to [research purchases]( Wondering how to remove any lingering online barriers to high-ticket purchases? Read on for some high impact conversion optimization strategies, and a look at how our friends at [Laguna Pearl]( used social proof to generate a 38% lift in their own high-ticket conversions.
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