Review Tags

Segment your feedback

Organize reviews with tag identifiers that work for you — like location, sales agent, or vendor — to generate highly targeted widgets, or discover consumer insights on key topics.

“By pre-tagging reviews, we were able to see which store customer reviews referred to, allowing us to directly talk to specific stores about how to improve their customer experience.”

Kim D. Jacobsen, Golf Experten

Tagging and pre-tagging

Easily segment your reviews

Find key insights for your business with Tags. Tags can track ratings for any topic such as sentiment, vendor, or employee. Simply add a tag to any of your reviews, or add a pre-tag to the review invite so when you receive a review the tag is already included.

Targeted TrustBox

Show the reviews that are most relevant to your customers

Display your tagged reviews in a Targeted TrustBox widget. For example, you could show all your reviews about "delivery” on a checkout page.

Tagging dashboard and export

Find key insights for your business

Filter, analyze, and break down large quantities of customer feedback in an instant. Tagging dashboards compare tags in your Trustpilot Business Account, or you can export the data to analyze in your business intelligence tool.

How it works

1. Pre-tag your review invitations

Create tags to include extra data from your CRM or other systems to your review invitation. When you receive a review, the tag will already be included.

2. Tag your reviews

After you receive a review, you can add additional tags. This makes it easy to segment customer feedback based on the review content.

3. Display a Targeted TrustBox widget on your site

Targeted TrustBoxes are widgets that display your tagged reviews on your site.

4. Analyze reviews by tags

Compare your topics using Trustpilot’s dashboards, or export your reviews to analyze tags in your own business intelligence tool.

Golf Experten uses tags to track customer satisfaction across multiple stores, improve customer experience, and change employee behavior for the better.

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Review Insights

Make data-driven decisions

Machine learning sorts all of your reviews and categorizes customer sentiment by our default options — or your own custom review topics — so you can monitor any changes to customer satisfaction in the areas that are most important to your business.

Review Invitations

All you have to do is ask

Our robust selection of review invitation methods means you’ll never miss an opportunity for customer feedback. Start earning more verified reviews more quickly, so you can start celebrating the uptick in ROI.

Service Reviews

Join the conversation

Every two seconds, a new review is written on Trustpilot’s consumer-facing site. Collecting reviews on Trustpilot gives your current and future customers a place to learn about fellow shoppers’ experiences with your business.

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