Market insights

Pointing the way to real business improvements

Keep on top of market changes and stand out with tailored insights guided by ongoing market shifts, trends, and topic analysis.

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AI and machine learning analyze extensive business data on Trustpilot to place your company in a cohort with similar businesses for comparative analysis.

Market peers

Find out how your business compares

Simply enter the name or website URL of a competitor to gain crucial insights into their performance, and compare it against your own across key Trustpilot metrics.

Market trends

Benchmark your market performance

See how key review metrics have changed over the past six months to measure your market distribution and gauge your performance against the market.

Market topics

Know the minds of your customers

Gain a competitive edge by understanding what truly matters to your customers. Our advanced topic data reveals the most engaging topics for your audience and the customers of similar companies across the market.


Keep track of the competitive landscape

See how you stack up against the competition by tracking up to five companies. With detailed comparison data and business intelligence on any important developments, you’ll gain rich insight into how your closest rivals are performing.

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