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How Add People showcase Trustpilot reviews

Monday, 30 November 2020
Add People x Trustpilot case study

Add People is a digital marketing agency designed to help small businesses capture online demand for their products and services from the world’s largest digital platforms.

With over 17 years of experience and 4000+ happy customers around the globe, Add People take their customers’ satisfaction very seriously. In the last five years, the business has collected almost 900 Trustpilot reviews and achieved an impressive 4.3/5 TrustScore.

In this case study, we speak to Suraj Singh, Head of Partnerships & Communications at Add People, to better understand why the business chose Trustpilot to build consumer trust, and how they leverage their online reviews as part of their marketing strategy.

Why Add People joined Trustpilot

Trust has become such an important tool when it comes to boosting consumer confidence and building customer loyalty, especially in 2020. Developing good customer relationships online can be challenging, which is why reviews are crucial to any business looking to build credibility in these conditions.

That’s why Add People chose to use Trustpilot to ensure they build a valuable & trustworthy relationship with their customers, and show all potential ones that their brand is trustworthy, and that they care about their customers’ experiences.

Suraj explains:

“Trustpilot is the most recognised review platform anywhere. We have put focus on other review sites where our products are seen, but this is the one, it’s the tool that you see referenced in everyone’s TV adverts and billboards. Trustpilot is simply the go-to review site for building trust.
Add People are built to serve small businesses. There are 6 million small businesses in the UK, that account for 60% of the employment of the nation, and around half of turnover in the British private sector. They are the lifeblood of the economy.

But, they’re a diverse bunch… the term SME’s covers every company in the UK with less than 250 employees. And we don’t discriminate, we put as much effort into growing their business online whether they have 249 employees, or 1.

And that’s why trust is important to us. Not only do we straddle a diverse range of businesses, but we’re acutely aware of the difficulties small business owners face (many of us have owned our own small business to some extent).

And, if you’re putting your marketing budget - maybe that’s even a significant portion of your profits – in the hands of another business, you’d want to know you can trust them.

You’d want to see reviews and testimonials from other happy customers, you’d want to know you’re in a nice, safe pair of hands.”

How the agency showcases its Trustpilot reviews

Trustpilot is Add People’s core tool for the measurement of customer satisfaction and the development of consumer trust.

To showcase their reviews, the Add People team have implemented Trustpilot widgets throughout the customer journey.

Here’s how the company showcases its Trustpilot score on the website’s homepage:

Addpeople homepage 1
Addpeople homepage 2

Their Trustpilot branding is also included in many of their marketing materials, in digital campaigns, and on social media platforms too.

FB 1
FB 2

Add People share Trustpilot reviews on Facebook

FB 3

They also use the Trustpilot and Facebook Integration

But that’s not all. Here are more examples of where Add People showcase Trustpilot reviews:

Display Ad
Webinar with British Pest Control Association
External Webinar - this was a co-branded webinar with Google

It’s safe to say Add People really take pride in maintaining their trust levels online. They even have an internal leader board in their office, to ensure that everyone is pulling towards keeping that good review score!

“We’re still breaking records for sales, and have posted some of the highest figures in the 5 years since we started working with Trustpilot. Because of the global pandemic – small businesses need as much support as ever and one way to survive (or thrive) in the current situation is through digital marketing,” explains Suraj.

As Adam Shearer, Head of Sales at Add People, says:

“Trustpilot reviews are the single biggest factor in our sales process. You can have the best sales people in the world, but if the person on the other end of the line can’t trust you, you’ve got no chance. Our reputation online allows us to pick up that phone in the confidence that we can walk-the-walk, and we’ve got the customer testimonials to back it up.”

Every employee takes Add People’s review strategy very seriously, and the company is even looking at introducing reviews as a KPI for some of their frontline teams.

Moving forward...

“It’s a trying time for all businesses – but almost overwhelmingly – our reviews containing reference to Covid have been positive! As stressed previously, our customers’ trust is extremely important to us, and we’ve done everything we can to help businesses during the pandemic, whether that has been helping them to grow, or helping with payment plans and other solutions when they’ve been forced to pause their business during lockdown. The challenge going forward will be to ensure that our approach and reputation continue to be upheld if the nation is put into more temporary lockdowns within certain industries. Clearly, utilising Trustpilot and the tools it offers is going to help us maintain this service level, and this trust, into the future.”

Customer testimonial

Add People’s vision is largely customer-focused, and continues to be strengthened by the time and effort they spend on building trusted relationships with both new and existing customers.

If you’re interested in building trust, showcasing third-party validation, and acquiring more customers, just like Add People have, why not request a free Trustpilot demo? It’s quick and easy, just click the link below.


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