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Social media agency PL&Partners show us how they boost ads performance with social proof

Tuesday, 17 September 2019
boost ads performance with social proof

PL & Partners is a digital marketing agency that helps businesses grow through paid advertising on both Facebook and Instagram. Their team consists of performance-driven social media specialists that are passionate about their work and love to create great content for their clients. The social media agency specialises in Facebook and Instagram ads optimisation, and ensures that each one of their customers reaches their goals.

To better understand how PL & Partners optimise their customers' ads, we talked to Marcin Gasienica, Senior Creative Product Specialist at PL & Partners, and discussed the challenges you can come across when creating ads that convert well.

Trustpilot: How is paid advertising done on social media?

Marcin Gasienica: Facebook and Instagram are ideal for reaching consumers worldwide in real time, and this applies to all companies regardless of their products or services.
Both platforms offer different tools to capture consumer awareness and make them want to click on an ad.

One of the great benefits of this type of advertising is that it allows us to track consumer behaviour very carefully, and it opens up new opportunities. Because we can follow consumers' digital footprints, we can tailor the ads to the purchase journey, which consists of three stages: the awareness, the reflection and the decision phase. Our data is very accurate, so we can figure out the consumer's next step as we know what stage of the journey he or she is in - it's not just guesswork.

TP: What are the challenges your customers are facing in terms of paid advertising on social media?

MG: As far as this type of media is concerned, finding out everything about a specific person simply isn’t possible. Therefore, we can only form a general impression of consumers and work from there.

TP: Why do you think trust is so important to your customers?

MG: Trust is the focal point of working with our customers. Our customers listen to our advice and have faith in us and in our work. And when confidence is in place, we can quickly address and deliver outstanding results. But trust is not only important to us - our customers also want to show their own customers that trust is paramount to them as they want to ensure they deliver the best possible experience.

TP: How do your customers use Trustpilot and what improvements have they seen since leveraging social proof?

MG: Among our customers, we often see companies with online stores use Trustpilot's widgets and brand material (logo and stars) online and on other marketing channels. They all work towards improving their KPIs, such as conversion rates, bounce rate, and visitor time, which helps boost their sales. In addition, they gain better insights into their products and business so that they know what they are doing well, and where improvement is necessary.

Some of our customers leveraging Trustpilot are, UnoEuro and Flypenge. We tested ads with each one of their Trustpilot ratings. is a family-owned company. It was founded in 2015 and specialises in fitness clothing for women. In addition to their online store, has two physical stores. When we ran ads for, we saw a 28% increase (from 127 to 163) in the number of clicks to the online store, and a 64% increase (from 292 to 479) in product impressions on ads with their Trustpilot rating. ads with trustpilot logo

We also tested ads for UnoEuro - a hotel launched back in 2004. In cases where UnoEuro's Trustpilot rating appeared in the ad, their click-through rate increased by 20%, and the number of purchases by 60%.

UnoEuro social proof on ads

Finally, we also tested ads for - a private company which airline passengers can turn to if their flights have been canceled, delayed or overbooked, and they would like help in claiming compensation.

The result of our test was that’s ads featuring their Trustpilot rating increased their click-through rate by 125% (see picture below). And their number of registrations increased by 400%. uses social proof to boost ads performance

Social media ads convert better with social proof

There are various ways to optimise ads on social media. With their expertise, PL & Partners have shown that social proof and trust signals are an effective tool for optimising social media marketing.

The three customer examples above show that social proof works especially well in the consideration and decision-making phase, as the increases were all seen on retargeting ads.

For example, consumers that visited but did not buy anything were then exposed to retargeted ads from the company, as they’d previously shown interest in the brand and their products.
This means that these consumers were in the last two stages of the purchase journey; the reflection and decision phase.

In the final stages, it is less about the product and more about the brand itself, the consumer expectations and the customer confidence. By fulfilling these needs, a company can provide a good customer service and meet expectations.

Confidence clearly plays a vital role in the decision-making process of potential customers. With confidence, you can deliver results faster whilst strengthening your reputation with Trustpilot reviews and ratings.

Trustpilot reviews bring businesses closer to their customers as they open up a dialogue, and provide companies with valuable insights into their customers' opinions. With good reviews and ratings, brands can build credibility and power their business forward.

If you’re looking to optimise ads by leveraging the power of social proof just like PL & Partners do with their own customers, just request a free Trustpilot demo below.


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