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Customer Experience
3 Ways reviews can help you deliver excellent customer service
How do you define successful customer service? Providing great customer service means investing more of your time into your own customers and their expectations. This will help you deliver a seamless customer journey, from the top of the funnel to the checkout. Today, overlooking customer service simply isn’t an option anymore. In the current competitive landscape, companies have to work harder than ever before to stand out from the competition. While discounts and low prices can help you acquire new customers, they certainly won’t help you retain them. As customers become more and more empowered, the need for customer-centric companies who care about customer experience is rapidly growing. Trustpilot review data shows that one-star and 5-star reviews most commonly mention ‘customer service’. Yet, whilst most companies like to say they are “customer-first”, too many of them either don’t listen to customers or don’t have ways to make it actionable. According to a [2019 HubSpot research study](, 88% of people agree that customers have higher expectations than in the past, and 89% agree that customers are more likely than ever to share positive or negative experiences. It’s time to take action. In this article, we will show you how to up your customer service game, and why you should consider doing it with reviews.
Paid Digital Marketing
How SendCloud achieved higher conversion and lower cost with Facebook Ads
## On cloud nine with Trustpilot reviews When it comes to the business of shipping, things are absolutely booming. Doing your shopping online has never been easier, but it also presents online stores with quite a few challenges. Orders get processed, packaged, sent and, quite often, returned. All in all, the journey of a single package can make for a lot of fuss. Enter SendCloud, who offers online stores a helping hand by automating this entire process. From picking and packing to sending and returning, SendCloud’s software ensures everything runs that vital bit smoother, faster, and more efficiently.
Building Credibility
5 Unique review strategies to grow your travel business
Customer reviews play a crucial role in today’s travel-buying experience. From the time travelers start planning a trip, to the moment they complete their booking, reviews help impact multiple stages of the purchase decision, allowing travel brands to gain visibility with potential buyers, establish their credibility, and help influence the ultimate purchase decision.
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