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How Mobile Monster leverages Trustpilot reviews across all its marketing channels

Friday, 22 November 2019
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With over 10 years’ experience in export, second-hand phones and recycling, Mobile Monster is not just a buy-back company. The company offers amazing prices for the latest gadgets and provides a simple and easy way for people to sell and trade in their phones for cash.

Mobile Monster takes pride in its trustworthiness, customer-centricity, and transparency. In fact, their focus on customer happiness and satisfaction has helped them achieve an incredible 4.9/5 rating on Trustpilot, from over 3,200 reviews!

To better understand how the company grows brand trust and creates positive experiences to maintain its great reputation, we spoke with Jericho Mendoza, Digital & Technology Analyst at Mobile Monster.

Why Trustpilot?

In 2019, any online business needs to build trust in order to connect with their customers. Mobile Monster understands the power of online reviews, which is why the business decided to start leveraging the voice of the customer to not only increase the credibility of their own brand, but also drive further conversions across their platform.

Jericho Mendoza explains:

“Our business has an interesting model, as it is purchasing devices rather than selling them. As you can imagine, there is a lot of resistance around this model as for a lot of people, it just seems too good to be true, especially with a big alternative in the market being private sale. Therefore, one of our main objectives was to build the brand’s credibility, increase trust with the consumer, and showcase trust and transparency through social proof.”

Mobile Monster’s goal was to provide customers with the largest and fairest overall representation of their brand and their service offering - a goal that Trustpilot has played a significant part in working towards.

“The fact that we are able to source, collect and showcase the largest and fairest representation of customer satisfaction in one place is one of the biggest advantages Mobile Monster has seen from switching to Trustpilot. Another challenge we have is ensuring that we are staying consistent and on top of our game in terms of customer experience in a scalable format, and with the insights we gain from the reviews, we are, and continue to improve our service offering as we grow,” explains Jericho.

Since using Trustpilot, the business has solidified its spot at the top of the market, because they’ve been successful and consistent in providing value to consumers in this space. This is largely due to the fact that there is trust built in their brand. With the growing online space, trust is a critical component to any company’s success.

Collecting reviews to learn, grow and improve

Mobile Monster’s internal systems and processes are custom-built from the ground up, and Trustpilot is heavily integrated across the platform.

Through the system, customers completing orders are automatically sent an invitation to leave a review and Mobile Monster uses a close replica of the tested Trustpilot template.

“The review responses then go directly to our customer service team, to which they respond to as soon as possible, as well as use to gain an insight on how to continuously improve the customer service quality. We actually have monthly company wide workshops with our customer service team, alongside our quality assessment team and analytics, to discuss: where we can improve, if there were any negative reviews that we can work towards improving, or if there were any positive reviews that we should celebrate,” says Jericho.

On top of that, their operations team also uses the platform to review responses across the board and see if there are any trends, whether they are positive trends that reinforce their processes or sore points that can be further improved upon.

monster mobile performance overview

Similarly, the analytics team also reviews the responses to continuously improve the user experience as a whole, and assists the operations team with process changes that need to be made in order to further satisfy their customers and improve their service offering.

Building credibility to generate more traffic

As a business, Mobile Monster found out pretty quickly how important of a channel Google was in the consumer journey.

They also found that by showcasing their Trustpilot rating through the Google Seller Ratings extension and also through Review Snippet stars on their Trustpilot profile page, they could increase conversions significantly.

Mobile Monster’s Google ads which have integrated Trustpilot in the ad copy and ad extensions see a click-through rate of 25%, with an average cost per click of $0.37. These statistics alone showcase the power of social proof, especially at this stage in the consumer journey. Trustpilot reviews have been pivotal in building trust between Mobile Monster and the consumer so early on in the sales funnel.

Mobile Monster’s Rich Snippets on their Trustpilot profile page

Mobile Monster’s Review Snippets from their Trustpilot profile page

Mobile Monster’s Google Seller Ratings

Mobile Monster’s Google Seller Ratings

Mobile Monster's click-through rate of 25% on ads with reviews

Mobile Monster's click-through rate of 25% on ads with reviews

Showcasing reviews at every stage of the journey

The strategy used by Mobile Monster’s marketing team was to infuse customer feedback across all of their marketing channels. Their marketing strategy is primarily digitally-led, with Google, Instagram and Facebook being the main channels used to communicate to their audience.

The company understood very quickly that they needed to have customer reviews within their marketing material to add social proof to all of their channels, naturally building their brand’s credibility. This has helped demonstrate to new leads that Mobile Monster is a genuine, transparent, and honest business. Social proof has also helped reduce consumer doubt and has therefore increased both brand credibility and conversion rates.

monster mobile reviews on instagram

monster mobile reviews on instagram

Jericho says:

“We grab a lot of reviews which really show the heart of the brand from the reflection of the comments that people are saying and we showcase these reviews in our marketing campaigns because we believe they are engaging, and social proof that we provide a lot of value to our customers.”

But Mobile Monster doesn’t only showcase reviews across social channels. They also utilise multiple Trustpilot assets throughout their entire website, upon landing on the home page, they’ve placed the Trustpilot star rating and number of reviews in the middle of the page - and clicking this link directs the user to their Trustpilot profile.

monster mobile reviews on homepage

There’s also a carousel of the most recent reviews towards the bottom of the page, as well as their Trustscore showcased in the footer.

Lastly, Monster Mobile have a dedicated on-site reviews page with a widget that showcases all of their most recent Trustpilot reviews.

monster mobile reviews on site
monster mobile review page

Mobile Monster’s director also regularly shares his favourite reviews across the company-wide general communication channel, to emphasize just how important it is to listen to customers, and to celebrate the authenticity as well as the heart and soul that they put into their work.

Tim Duggal, Director at Mobile Monster, explains:

"To this day, I still read every single one of the reviews that our customers leave. Our vision, which is largely a customer-focused vision, is always strengthened when we listen to our customers. We can make huge improvements when looking at satisfaction from their perspective and as a result, we're continuously improving the way we're doing things.It all starts by listening to them."

Trustpilot reviews can help you deliver better customer experiences and get valuable insights. So why not sign up for a free Trustpilot account? It’s quick and easy, just click the link below.


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