How Blueleaf’s clients use trust to beat competitors

Friday, 15 June 2018
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“Trustpilot is an established brand. The Trustpilot name instills confidence with us, our clients and their customers.”

Hardly the worst praise to hear, right? Well that’s the opinion of Jenny Lomax, Principal Strategist at Trustpilot Partner Blueleaf, an award-winning digital commerce agency helping clients exceed their commercial goals online.

Since partnering with Trustpilot in 2011, Blueleaf have been champions of trust. Many of their clients use Trustpilot reviews as a key differentiator and to drive sales.

How Trustpilot helps clients improve

“Trustpilot is all about openness and transparency and this gives customers the confidence to buy,” says Jenny.

“Trustpilot is on the customer’s side, which is a very important message and ethos for any retailer. Our clients are happy with Trustpilot and the confidence it gives their customers and how it enhances the relationship between the client and their customers,” says Jenny.

A lot of the praise for using Trustpilot to collect and share customer reviews has come from the easy integration.

“Trustpilot integrates well with any eCommerce site, with business reviews and product reviews. Following up on the customer’s experience after a purchase gives a great enhancement to the customer experience and provides valuable insight to the retailer,” says Jenny.

Customer feedback through Trustpilot has become invaluable in many cases, as Jenny explains.

“If Trustpilot was unavailable, our clients would need to look elsewhere quickly to build this customer confidence.”

Why reviews matter to Blueleaf’s clients

According to Econsultancy1, 61% of consumers read online reviews during their purchasing journey. Customers like reading reviews, they instill confidence and trust between them and the retailer, Jenny explains.

“From the retailer's perspective, reviews also mean customers are more likely to be happy with their purchase, which limits returns. And because Trustpilot have introduced product level reviews, if the customer isn't happy, then the retailer can see why and plan stock of individual products accordingly. The retailer can also respond to the review and connect with the customer to show they have listened,” says Jenny.

How Trustpilot fits with Blueleaf’s future

As reviews become an increasingly important part of all business - and trust becomes more and more important - Blueleaf are increasingly helping their clients see how Trustpilot reviews benefit them.

“The retailers that are doing well today are focused on their customers - they consider their customer’s needs, and how they can exceed these needs and expectations to create happiness in the buying experience,” says Jenny.

“I think one challenge for retailers is to constantly deliver a service that's above and beyond the norm. Blueleaf’s mission is to inspire this great retail. Trustpilot can help us achieve this by helping us work with our clients to connect them with their customers. Those retailers who embrace trust and transparency will be the ones who flourish.”

If you too want to start showcasing your company's reputation online, click the link below to create a free Trustpilot account.


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