Zhou Nutrition reveals how Trustpilot reviews power their business forward

Friday, 30 November 2018
zhou nutrition supplements reviews

Since 2014, Zhou Nutrition has been focused on one thing: providing high-quality food supplements for their online customers. This commitment to customer satisfaction launched them to an incredible 9.4/10 rating on Trustpilot, from over 1,300 reviews.

Zhou Nutrition know people care deeply about what they're putting in their bodies (as they should!). For a wellness and nutrition company, trust is the most important component of customer relationships.

Zhou Nutrition chose Trustpilot reviews to grow and show brand trust. To celebrate 96% of amazing reviews, we talked with Jeremy Nef, Director of Marketing at Zhou, to better understand how the business leverages reviews to improve and innovate.

Why Trustpilot?

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Simply: because a third-party site is trusted.

There’s a lot of talk online about review manipulation or reviews which aim to boost or criticise companies unfairly. As Jeremy puts it, a third-party provider is invaluable.

“We use Trustpilot to gather third party, customer verified reviews. And we take our reviews seriously,” says Jeremy.

“We've improved products and processes based on customer feedback. We see every review that comes from Trustpilot and consider every bit of feedback, good or bad.”

By gaining an open picture of how they are performing, Zhou Nutrition are able to make improvements where needed, and market their business effectively too.

“We leverage the Trustpilot marketing assets,” says Jeremy. “It helps to communicate trust by sharing testimonials of real Zhou customers, whether we put these assets into anything from videos to social media ads.”

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Becoming greater every day

The openness with their online reviews isn’t a one-way street, though. Zhou Nutrition turn to their customer reviews for product ideas and advice too.

“Our customers love our products and often mention in reviews other products they would love to see us make. Research and Development relies on Trustpilot for updates to current and future products,” says Jeremy.
But the customer satisfaction focus doesn’t end with only giving customers the products they want. It extends to tailoring their marketing and keeping customers happy even after their purchase.

“Our marketing team uses Trustpilot to establish trust and communicate expectations with our customers,” says Jeremy.

“And most importantly, our "Happiness Team" uses Trustpilot to ensure each of our customers is 100% happy with their Zhou experience. Trustpilot motivates all of us to become a little greater every day.”

Targeting the happiest customers

Happy customers are loyal customers. So why not reward loyalty with offers? It’s the surest way to see happiness breed happiness.

And that ultimately means you’ll have customer advocates out there, marketing your business for you with their positivity. It’s a cycle that Jeremy notices.

“At Zhou, our customers are the lifeblood of our business. We rely on their feedback both for product development but also to help us offer the best possible customer experience,” says Jeremy.

“Through our Trustpilot reviews, we like to identify VIP customers and super fans. We'll reach out to them with really special offers and even free product from time to time.

“On the opposite end, we also identify pain points with the experience, like shipping, too frequent of interactions, and customers who are just plain unhappy with the product. We stand by our product and Trustpilot gives us the channel to identify unhappy customers and let them keep the product, and receive a full refund.”

The main advantage of Trustpilot?

You can’t just ask people to trust you. Trust is earned, not owed. And Trustpilot helps Zhou Nutrition appeal to their customers without bragging or making false claims about their trustworthiness. Their customers give confidence to their customers.

“It's hard to really instill trust when it's your brand saying ‘trust us, we’re legit’,” says Jeremy.

“The thing is: If you have a good product and brand, Trustpilot will help you communicate trust effectively and tactfully.”

If you want to power your business forward with reviews, why not create a few account? It’s quick and easy. Just click the link below.


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