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How Low Cost Glasses increased their revenue by 89% with Trustpilot

Wednesday, 11 November 2020
Low cost glasses Trustpilot case study

Please note that Low Cost Glasses are no longer a Trustpilot customer.

Low Cost Glasses provides high quality prescription glasses and optical expertise at low prices.

LCG currently offers a broad range of products online, as well as fast service and great customer experience.

To better understand why their team chose the Trustpilot platform for their new review strategy, we spoke with Alexandra Butcher, Head of Marketing at LCG.

Why Low Cost Glasses chose Trustpilot reviews

As both a service and an eCommerce business, winning over customer trust has been the company’s priority since Day 1.

“We always knew that transparent customer communication was integral to business success, and Trustpilot has only confirmed that a thousand times over. People buy from people so having all your happy customers shouting about you in one place is the best ‘word of mouth’ marketing you could ever ask for,” explains Alexandra.

The team at LCG first signed up for a free Trustpilot account, and after a few months of usage, decided it was time to join for good.

“We officially joined Trustpilot at the ripe old age of 6 months old and have never looked back!”
Alexandra Butcher
Head of Marketing at Low Cost Glasses

The brand now has over 4,000 reviews and a solid 4.6/5 star ‘Excellent’ rating that is consistently monitored by the team at LCG.

How Low Cost Glasses uses Trustpilot to learn from customers

With regard to the platform itself, Low Cost Glasses is very active, and both their CEO and Head of Customer Services check the platform daily, monitoring feedback and fixing issues. The Low Cost Glasses team also likes to ensure that they have responded to every single person who has taken the time to share their experience.

LCG review 1
LCG review 2

“It has become an extension of our customer service offering. We’re always working on improving our whole customer journey so the (sometimes very!) honest opinions we receive have proved invaluable in developing the experience as a whole. We’re a lean team so we can react, implement changes or action requests very quickly,” says Alexandra.

The Customer Services and Marketing teams also use the platform to interact with customers, respond to feedback and collect valuable consumer insights, so it really is a full team effort!

Since Low Cost Glasses have started using customer feedback to improve customer service and continuously innovate, they have achieved:

  • A 99% engagement with customers giving a 2* rating or below

  • A 52% conversion rate from 1 and 2-star to 4 and 5-star reviews through successful engagement

  • A reply rate of 97% of all customer reviews within a 24-hour window.

Showcasing reviews throughout the buying journey

When it comes to showcasing the Trustpilot seal of approval and the star branding, well, Low Cost Glasses have quite simply put it everywhere!

When Low Cost Glasses became official Trustpilot customers, the team refreshed all their digital assets to include their star rating, so it could feature across their Google and Bing PPC campaigns, paid social activity, delivery inserts, packaging, emails and press activity. We even pulled the existing TV ad to include the Trustpilot rating and had to go through clearance and station distribution again at extra expense.

Low cost glasses tv ad Trustpilot
Low cost glasses email Trustpilot

The team also shares reviews across social channels, and implemented a live feed of their latest reviews scrolling across the website’s homepage. This just shows how much value the business attributes to Trustpilot and the power of reviews when it comes to building customer trust.

LCG reviews homepage
TP PPC Black friday offer

It’s safe to say that the team at Low Cost Glasses are very proud of their 4.6 stars.

“The star branding is ingrained across all our marketing communications so much so, it has become an extension of our logo!”
Alexandra Butcher
Head of Marketing at Low Cost Glasses

Since Low Cost Glasses started collecting and showcasing Trustpilot reviews at every touchpoint of the customer journey, they have seen:

  • An outstanding 89% increase in revenue

  • A 30% increase in average order value

  • A 60% increase in all web traffic

  • A 2% increase in conversions

  • Traffic from their business profile on Trustpilot converts at 3.8%

  • A 20% customer return rate (which is amazing when you think about how often people normally have eye tests and buy glasses!)

How Trustpilot helped Low Cost Glasses overcome their challenges

As a very young business with no established customer base, earning trust was absolutely paramount to the company’s success. In the beginning, there were three main barriers to purchase that Trustpilot helped Low Cost Glasses overcome:

  1. Competitor customers worried about the quality of their products, due to the low prices

  2. People disbelieving they were a legitimate business, because of how low their prices are

  3. First time buyers, nervous about purchasing glasses online.

Having a very active Trustpilot page helped them alleviate all of the above, as people could immediately see that existing customers were having great experiences whilst saving money.

Choosing to respond to every single review definitely benefited them too. It helped people realise that their products are real, that they aren’t a scam, and that they strive to deliver great customer service and outstanding experiences.

The three barriers to purchasing outlined above still apply, as the business is still very new to the market in the grand scheme of things. Reaching new audiences of glasses wearers and winning over their trust and custom is Low Cost Glasses’ daily bread and butter, and one that is supported significantly by Trustpilot.

The online glasses market is a very competitive sector, so they’re always working to improve their service, platform and product to stay one step ahead of the game.

“In the crazy year that is 2020, we can’t possibly talk about challenges without mentioning the global pandemic we find ourselves in. The fear, ever-changing rules and lifestyle changes have proved to be a rollercoaster for everyone. And it shows no signs of slowing down. We will continue to prioritise the safety of our customers and staff and adapt operations accordingly, knowing that Trustpilot reviews are here to support the work we’re doing.”
Alexandra Butcher
Head of Marketing at Low Cost Glasses

If you found their story inspiring, and would like to achieve similar results, book a free Trustpilot demo below to speak to one of our review experts.


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