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Introducing Trustpilot's new machine learning tool: Review Insights

Monday, December 2, 2019
trustpilot new machine learning tool Review Insights

Once upon a time, artificial intelligence was only limited to sci-fi novels and films as some kind of evil, disruptive rogue force.

Today? Well you’ve probably chatted with a customer service rep this week who was in fact a robot. And who knows - maybe this blog has been written by another bot.

The thing is this: AI-powered chatbots, analysis tools, and even content creation bots, have all become more common. According to Salesforce, 51% of companies already use some form of machine learning, and another 25% plan to adopt AI technology in the next two years.

A recent Trustpilot study found that 88% of businesses that use Trustpilot say it is important for them to be "able to track, monitor and analyse the ratings and reviews".

So we created Review Insights - a new Trustpilot tool that allows you to learn what customers expect from different parts of your business.

Here’s why you should be using it.

Our algorithm helps you detect customer trends

This year, Gartner predicted machine learning-driven business will reach $3.9 trillion in value by 2022.

Artificial intelligence is bound to bring in new revenue streams, reduce costs, and fully harness the power of customer feedback.

With customer feedback, AI primarily focuses on two areas: machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP). Machine learning refers to the ability of the AI (the machine) to make future customer behaviour predictions, based on previous data.

Natural language processing is the rapid analysis of your customer feedback data to detect trends, main topics and patterns of the text data. Sometimes, customer experiences are a mix of good and bad - and a single star rating won’t always give you the full picture.

Reviews Insights highlights topics within your reviews, and identifies customer sentiment for each of them, like illustrated below:

trustpilot review insights customer sentiment
Trustpilot machine learning tool sentiment score

While having lots of reviews is certainly great, the benefits of these reviews are limited if you’re unable to analyse the data. However, having a human sit there, read all the reviews and pick out the main trends is time consuming, expensive, and pretty dull.

Yet with a machine, the results are quick, cheap and exciting (maybe not for the machine - who knows). It means you’re able to see precisely what topics you excel in and others where you need to make some improvements.

Review Insights helps you improve your product and service

Sure, asking customers what their experience with you was like is a great first step.

But how do you detect patterns and trends? With Review Insights, you can deliver data-driven reports, or use our brand-new heatmap, to celebrate your great customer service, or uncover hidden customer problems and work towards fixing them.

Trustpilot’s CPO, Ramin Vatanparast, explains: “Review Insights uses artificial intelligence to handle the heavy lifting of pulling insights from your reviews, highlighting trends and customer pains automatically. Now you can spend your time solving customer issues instead of finding them.”

trustpilot machine learning tool heatmap

This way, you know you’ll be improving the areas that need your attention and really matter to your customers. And machine learning kicked it all off.

Become more customer-focused and turn good feedback into great product

Machine learning has huge implications for improving the customer experience overall. As noted, it can improve your customer satisfaction. It can predict future consumer behaviours, it can tailor marketing, or even suggest the best topics to approach your customers with.

To successfully embrace machine learning in your business means to think how a human-AI relationship can be built - not just in one part of your business, but across all of it.

With your customer reviews and feedback specifically, Review Insights can detect customer needs, complaints or praise quickly and easily. From this, you can target future communications that address these areas, or make changes to your website that answer the questions your customers are asking.

More than this, these insights from reviews can then be used to personalise product recommendations, for example.

Ultimately, and ironically, Review Insights is here to help you become more human with your customers. And as your customer experience improves, as that connection between you and your customer strengthens, it’s likely you’ll receive more and more positive reviews praising your customer experience.

Then it’s up to machine learning to re-analyse that data, detect more trends, and suggest how you can improve even more so.

Welcome to the machine

Through all of this, machine learning doesn’t need to be threatening. We’re not in a sci-fi novel, after all.

If you’d like to learn more about Trustpilot’s new Review Insights tool, read more about it here, or request a free Trustpilot demo below.

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