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How to boost Tiktok ads conversion rates

Wednesday, 17 April 2024
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With one billion active users worldwide, TikTok presents a unique and vibrant channel for conversions, a true goldmine for marketers. Its appeal lies not just in its massive user base but also in its record-breaking revenue. 

As the first non-game mobile app to generate a staggering $10 billion in consumer spending across the Apple App Store and Google Play combined, TikTok underscores its immense potential for businesses, sparking intrigue and excitement among marketers.

One key reason marketers are flocking to TikTok is its cost-effectiveness. TikTok’s prospecting and retargeting campaigns can be up to 20x cheaper than Facebook's, providing a reassuring option for affordable social media advertising.

But it's not just about the cost. TikTok taps into a powerful social media trend—the thriving community of young creators and their collaborative spirit. This, combined with the platform's rapid-fire content, keeps users highly engaged for extended periods compared to other platforms.

Increasing ad conversion rates for TikTok is a challenge, but it can be done. The beating heart of TikTok is UGC or user-generated content, a key element marketers can leverage to create more authentic and engaging ads.

TikTok ads that focus on highly produced and polished content tend to fall flat. Still, luckily, many personalized ad types are available, empowering marketers to create content that resonates better with the TikTok audience and improves conversion rates. TikTok ads consist of not just your standard display ads but also in-feed ads, spark ads, video ads, carousel ads, pangle ads, topview ads, branded effects ads, and shopping ads. While this isn’t an exhaustive list there’s a lot to choose from.

Each holds the potential to increase conversion rates. Regarding TikTok’s conversion rate formula – it’s all down to engagement. TikTok’s algorithm favors ads with higher engagement rates. This information should empower marketers to create more authentic and engaging content that resonates better with the TikTok audience and improves conversion rates on this channel. We’ve looked into a few other methods to keep the rates climbing.

Search insights 

A new TikTok feature just came out called Creator Search Insights. While it seems like it only applies to singular creators, the insights it offers are useful for any TikTok business account as well. 

To better connect businesses and creators with audiences through search, according to TikTok, “Creator Search Insights will surface topics that are searched for often. Topics can be sorted by category (like tourism, sports, and science) or For You (topics related to the type of content you create). Creators can also filter for content gap topics. These topics are often searched for but aren't featured in many videos on TikTok.

Compelling CTAs

CTAs matter in all marketing branches, but they significantly impact video ads like the ones used on TikTok. KISSmetric reports that you can receive 380% more clicks if you embed your CTA into a video than if you make your CTA a button.

There isn’t one single best TikTok CTA that can improve conversion rates, it depends on multiple factors and  but TikTok offers options that can elevate your CTAs, such as Dynamic CTAs and Recommended CTAs. According to TikTok’s Ad Manager, the point of these two smart features is to optimize click performance.

The best advertisement ideas involve authentic social proof

Reviews are trust builders; there is no doubt about that. At Trustpilot, we found that over half of consumers (55% in the US and 52% in the UK) had more faith in imperfect reviews and ratings because less-than-perfect reviews prove authenticity. 

Authenticity is a key factor in how users engage with ads on TikTok. Gen Zers prefer authentic brands, with 82% saying they trust a company more if it uses images of real customers in its advertising. Another study also found that authentic content on TikTok leaves 73% of users feeling positive and emotionally uplifted afterwards.

We’ve found that using authentic customer reviews within ads creates success. A study by Kantar revealed that TV ads featuring Trustpilot increased brand perception of worth by up to 7 percent points from the original figure and grew brand confidence by up to 8 percent points. 

Including reviews in TikTok ads is all about star power and volume. Start by highlighting star ratings and reviews. On TikTok video ads, there’s an option to include text overlays or snippets of actual reviews within the video content. We found some great online advertising examples on TikTok that show off the power of authentic perspectives coupled with reviews.

Use reviews as UGC for brand storytelling

TikTok thrives on captivating narratives. Has anyone seen “Who did I marry?” The 50-part TikTok story by TikTok creator ReesaMTeesa clocked in at around 5 hours. The entire series has amassed over 197 million views on TikTok, with nearly every video getting over 1 million views. 

TikTok is well aware of the power of a story. In 2023,  they analyzed 40 creatives and established clear principles for effective brand storytelling: Attraction, Anticipation and Action. This research emphasized the power of visuals, upbeat music, and human connection in a captivating story format. 

Here is where reviews, especially Trustpilot reviews shine because they serve as authentic narratives, ripe for transformation into engaging UGC.

User-generated content is a storytelling vessel and the basis of reviews. TikTok creators are some of the most effective harbingers of both paid and organic UGC within the online landscape.82% of TikTok users consider content creators authentic, while 76% find them relatable.

So, how do you transform reviews into TikTok storytelling magic? Combining TikTok creators or micro-influencers with review sharing is a surefire way to include social proof and brand elements in an authentic story, especially when customers are nearly three times more likely to engage with a brand’s social media content than any other content.

We suggest: 

Product demos: Encourage customers and/or influencers to film themselves using a product or film a review after some time using the product. 

Simple testimonials: Feature short video testimonials where customers directly share their experience.  

Problem to solution: Ask real customers to detail how the product specifically solved their pain point, a standard storytelling arc. 

Micro-influencer reviews: Partner with relevant micro-influencers to showcase reviews within their creative content. 

Review compilations: Create engaging compilations featuring snippets of positive reviews. Thank the customer and use their feedback as a springboard for a short, engaging video highlighting the product’s benefits. 

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Nustone Paving

Key takeaways 

  • Embrace user-generated content. Move away from polished TikTok ads; TikTok users prefer more authenticity. Leverage reviews as UGC customer experiences are powerful tools. 

  • Dive into TikTok features and make them your own. TikTok’s Ad Manager is a gift to marketers navigating the wide TikTok terrain. 

  • Partner with micro-influencers. Viewers trust micro-influencers. Collaborate with them to showcase reviews within their relevant creative content, weaving brand elements into natural and engaging stories. 

  • Harness the power of reviews to fuel advertisement ideas. Reviews build trust and authenticity. Online advertising examples include showcasing reviews and star ratings within ads using text overlays or snippets from actual reviews. 

  • Use review for compelling brand storytelling. Follow TikTok's storytelling principles: Attraction, Anticipation, and Action. Integrate positive reviews as narratives within your brand story on TikTok.

  • Focus on engagement, not just exposure: While TikTok's user base is massive (1 billion), the current conversion rate sits at 1.1%. Engagement is key—prioritize creating content that goes beyond display ads and resonates with viewers to improve conversion rates.

No trust, no growth. Boost your business (and TikTok conversions) with Trustpilot.


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