Accelerate growth with Trustpilot’s integration for Salesforce

Turn your CRM into a reliable hub for trusted review data, allowing you to connect with more customers, fuel performance, and inform business decisions.

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See what Trustpilot for Salesforce can do for you

Automatically collect high volumes of feedback that earns trust 

Trigger review collection from order or opportunity status, automatically engaging the right contact at the right time. Monitor reviews and save time by replying directly within Salesforce. 

95% of companies that get most of their reviews via the automated invites are rated either ‘excellent’ or ‘great.' (source: Trustpilot Data, March 2022)

Easily track and optimize performance

With all your review data in one place, you can easily incorporate it into reports or analyses in Salesforce — helping uncover critical insights to inform strategy and decisions.

Drive revenue with content that converts

Increase campaign effectiveness by pulling user-generated review content into any Salesforce connected marketing tool. Personalize campaigns with audience segments filtered by review tag or star rating. 

For US consumers, an online advertisement with the Trustpilot logo and stars is nearly two-and-a-half times as persuasive as the same ad without them. (source: London Research, July 2022)

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