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How Voliamo taps into reviews to win over today’s travellers

Friday, 21 February 2020
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Voliamo is a London-based online travel agency with a team of 20 staff members working cross-functionally across different departments which include Strategic Alliances & Partnerships, IT & Development, Marketing & Analytics, Sales, Customer Service, Accounts, MIS & Quality Analysis.

In this interview, we spoke with Tahleel Ahmad, Strategic Alliances & Partnership Manager, to better understand why they chose Trustpilot in the first place, and how they leverage reviews as a channel to engage with today’s travellers.

Trustpilot: Why did you choose Trustpilot?

Tahleel Ahmad: Being an OTA (Online Travel Agent), we primarily sell travel services to our customers. Trustpilot was brought in to get more feedback from our customers and better understand what we’re doing right, and what needs to be improved. It was part of our penetration strategy to list ourselves on a consumer review platform that helps us stick to our vision and deliver the best experiences possible to our customers.

TP: Are there multiple departments or teams using Trustpilot? If so, how are they using Trustpilot?

TA: Yes, multiple departments use Trustpilot and we have created multiple users for all those respective departments. Majority usage ranges from sending manual/bulk invitation links to tagging reviews, showcasing reviews specifically and analysing feedback.

TP: Where are you currently using Trustpilot?

TA: We’re currently showcasing our Trustpilot rating and reviews on many of our website’s pages. We have a ‘MicroStar’ widget on our homepage, which can be seen below:

trustpilot widget homepage

Adding this small widget to our homepage helped us build trust among users and also helped boost the overall customer confidence. It contributed towards increasing the average user session by approximately 38%, and also drastically brought down the bounce back rate by 1193% across all channels.

reduced bounce rate

We also use Trustpilot on all of our landing pages. Since we rely on varied marketing channels and the majority of them have specifically targeted landing pages, we decided to go with a ‘Carousel’ widget on top of the page footer, keeping our customers’ reviews throughout the site.

This proved to be really successful as in a month’s span only, Trustpilot recorded above 100K impressions since December 1st 2019, which clearly states its engagement with our audience.

trustpilot carousel widget

In addition to the homepage and the landing pages, we’ve also added widgets to our product pages. In travel, the product page often refers to a complex package that can’t be booked online.

Our product pages contain holiday itineraries which are an outcome of a combination of flights, hotels, transfers & activities. We understand the customer psyche behind purchasing a complex package wherein a huge amount of trust needs to be placed as nobody would like to spoil a holiday experience to save a few pounds. To cater to this, we’ve placed a ‘Quote’ widget on all our product pages which include reviews with a ‘Recommended’ tag on it only.

This way, we are able to showcase our reviews wherein our customers have marked us as a recommended travel agency to intending buyers. This helped boost the trust among buyers and brought us an increase of 12% in the number of queries from product pages alone. Below is a screenshot of one of our product pages:

product pages widgets

Our contact us page showcases all of our recent reviews too. We always aim for customers to reach out to us through a single channel in order to cut down on repetitive queries, so we’ve added a ‘Grid’ widget on the Contact Us page.

This grid only includes service reviews. This widget has brought down the number of customer queries from omnichannel to a single channel as the service reviews assure customers that we are quick enough to respond and solve their issues.

contact us page

The same ‘Carousel’ website-wide widget appears on our checkout page too. To us, it was important to add social proof at such a crucial stage of the customer journey. This helps reassure the customer and boosts their overall confidence in our services.

checkout process reviews

We also like to work with ‘Google Seller Ratings’ which show up on all of our Google Ads.

google seller ratings voliamo

Finally, we like showcasing our Trustpilot rating on emails. This is the signature I’ve got on my email followed by a confirmation email which is generated automatically when people book through us.

reviews email signature
booking confirmation email

TP: Are there any other Trustpilot products you are currently using?

TA: Yes, we use review invitations to send bulk and manual invitations to our customers.

top review sources

We also use the dashboard and analytics tools, which both play a pivotal role in providing insights on how we are doing.

trustpilot dashboard and analytics
trustpilot review dashboard

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