Revive! tell us how they leverage reviews to power their business forward

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Revive! offers a mobile service for minor paint and bodywork damage. The Revive! team is dedicated to building the UK’s best SMART repair organisation. Their values are integral to their success, and drive everything they do as a business. They started collected Trustpilot reviews to leverage their customer’s voice, collect consumer insights, and become as customer-centric as possible.

Today, we’re interviewing Elliott Clarkson, Marketing Manager at Revive!, to better understand how they use Trustpilot reviews throughout the business.

Trustpilot: Why was trust important to you before coming to Trustpilot?

Elliott Clarkson: Trust is hugely important to us as a business.

Our van-based technicians repair minor damage on cars all across the United Kingdom. For most people, their car is one of the biggest investments they’ll ever make and it’s their pride and joy.

When you damage your car, knowing that the person repairing your car is competent and trustworthy is vital, especially as the public quite rightly want to question tradespeople due to the proliferation of rogue traders.

It’s always been important for us to demonstrate to new customers that they can trust us; and the most impactful way to do that is to show honest and independent feedback from the people who we have already carried out a high-quality repair for.

TP: How do you use the Trustpilot platform?

EC: We’re a national business, made up of a network of local franchises. That means we have multiple businesses throughout the UK carrying out repairs under the Revive! brand, as well as our own central network of technicians.

We use Trustpilot to collect reviews once a repair has been completed. Our technicians each have a bespoke Revive! app, and send a completion notification after each repair. This notification triggers an automated review request email from our CRM using the customer’s given details. This process was set up by our IT team using the Trustpilot API to ensure that, when a review is left in response to the email, it is tagged to match up with our CRM to show the job identification number and the geographic region that the job was completed in.

That enables us to filter reviews in the Trustpilot dashboard and see reviews for each of our franchisees.

Filtering reviews means we’re able to do two key things:

  1. Display regionally targeted reviews on each geographic landing page on our website

  2. Monitor feedback by region and either give praise to franchisees doing a great job or help support franchisees who may be getting a higher than expected level of negative feedback

Our Customer Services team also use Trustpilot to help resolve complaints.

On the very rare occasion that we receive a negative rating, our Customer Service team check the job identification number on the Trustpilot dashboard and match it on our CRM. They then raise a complaint, contact both the customer and technician who carried out the repair and ensure we reach a resolution quickly.

In fact, in the short time since using Trustpilot, this process has helped contribute towards a reduction in our end-to-end complaint resolution time by almost 60%, because it allows our Customer Service team to be so proactive.

TP: How do you use your reviews on your website or any marketing campaigns?

EC: Social proof and customer research are now such an intrinsic part of the customer journey that our Trustpilot reviews are vital to our B2C marketing and brand awareness initiatives.

Revive Facebook

When people are choosing a company to repair damage on their car, they need to know that they are selecting a reputable company who will provide a technically excellent repair and back it up with outstanding customer service.

The reviews that demonstrate those values are vital to our marketing and brand awareness initiatives as it allows potential customers to use the great experience others have had to make their choice.

On our B2C website, we have a large carousel of recent reviews displayed prominently on the homepage. We also have a mini carousel on each regional landing page that displays reviews specific to the geographic location where the customer is looking for a repair technician.

Revive homepage reviews

We also use an integration in the Trustpilot dashboard to create socially shareable images. We pick reviews that either communicate the benefits of our service or choose seasonally relevant reviews.

Revive Twitter 1

For example, when the weather is bad, we share reviews of people who are amazed that we’re able to carry out repairs in the rain or windy conditions. Customers saying how surprised they are that we were able to complete the job in such challenging conditions provides the social proof for those choosing a SMART repair company. That means we are able to generate more marketing leads at a time when people might not think they can get their damage repaired.

We also generate socially shareable images where a specific location or franchisee’s technician is mentioned by name. We then send those to our franchisees, so they can use them in their own local marketing which helps demonstrate that we are a national company operating on a local level.

Revive Twitter 2

TP: What are the biggest advantages the business has seen from switching to Trustpilot?

EC: Before Trustpilot, we were collecting reviews through email and manually adding them to our website. Having the Trustpilot API linked to our CRM to create an automated review collection process has saved us hours of time every month.

The tagging within the Trustpilot API has also meant that we’re able to quickly match reviews to verified jobs which has helped speed up our complaint resolution times significantly.

However, the biggest advantage we now have is the ability to use a trusted social proof platform to demonstrate our technical excellence and outstanding customer service to people who are choosing a SMART repair company. Whether it’s through our listing on Trustpilot, the various review carousels on our website or the reviews we share on social media, prospective customers are now able to consider other people’s experiences when they choose Revive! to repair minor damage on their car.

Local carousel Revive

TP: Are there any major customer insights your team has learned / leveraged since using Trustpilot?

EC: The majority of feedback we receive – whether positive or negative – is focused on the customer experience with our team before and after the repair, as well as the quality of the repair itself.

In that regard, the biggest insight Trustpilot has given us is reaffirming our commitment to our corporate values of Outstanding Customer Service, Technical Excellence and Integrity.

As we grow and evolve, focusing on providing our customers with the best possible experience is of paramount importance, and the insight Trustpilot gives us into their real time feedback is invaluable to us.

TP: What are your challenges going forward as a business?

EC: The biggest challenge we have is continuing to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations as we rapidly grow our national network of SMART repair technicians.

Having Trustpilot in place means we can gauge customer feedback on the effectiveness of both our repairs and customer service in real time and quickly resolve any potential issues.

TP: Tell us about your experience with our Customer Success team?

EC: The experience with the team at Trustpilot has been really outstanding. From our initial enquiry, we’ve had focused support from a single point of contact which made our customer journey frictionless.

We also found the website Support Centre and blog to be really helpful for anything from general queries to technical ones, when we were setting up the API integrations with our CRM.

Since going live with Trustpilot, we’ve had regular calls with the Customer Success team to understand how we’re using the platform. Those calls have included great advice on how to use the dashboard to dig deep into the analytics to better understand things like our review response rate and tips on how to improve it.

You could say we’ve had a five star experience with Trustpilot so far!

Trustpilot: We’d like to thank you for your time! This was an insightful interview.

To learn more about Revive, head to their website or Instagram account. If you’d like to find out more about Trustpilot reviews, request a demo below.


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