How Crédit Conseil de France uses reviews to improve customer experience

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Crédit Conseil de France first joined Trustpilot after realising how important collecting customer reviews has become. Today, the debt consolidation industry is highly competitive, and it’s essential for companies in this sector to be able to reassure consumers and build trust earlier in the journey.

Transparency is key to Crédit Conseil’s success. Trustpilot helps the company build trust in their customer and partner relationships, as well as improve user experience and customer service in specific branches by collecting great consumer insights.

Our review experts recently met with their team to better understand how they make the most of their reviews to continually grow and improve, and whether they’ve seen any results since collecting feedback with our platform.

Discover their story below from Sandra Jacquelin, Marketing and Communications Manager at Crédit Conseil de France.

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