How Check'n Go improved their online reputation

Friday, 16 March 2018
checkn go

Cincinnati-based Check ‘n Go started with one purpose in mind: to provide financial solutions to the problems ignored by traditional lenders, such as banks.

Known as an established and reputable payday loan company and lender, Check ‘n Go has been in operation for almost 20 years, first as a brick-and-mortar business, and more recently as an online service for customers who need quick turnaround on payday and installment loans.


The goal

In the intensely competitive online market for payday lending, reviews would help Check ‘n Go differentiate itself from other lenders and loan brokers.

Check ‘n Go’s success in its vertical markets has a lot to do with the brand’s emphasis on customer service and its ability to offer an actual loan service, not just aggregate leads, as many of its competitors do. However, Check ‘n Go was relying on a proprietary feedback process, which did not help build their Google Seller profile, nor qualify them for Google Seller Ratings.

What they wanted

  • Adopt an open, third-party solution to capture, share and amplify customer reviews of their Check ‘n Go brand

  • Build an additional positive brand asset to rank well in organic search engine result pages (SERPs)

  • Increase the credibility of Check ‘n Go reviews by engaging a trusted, secure feedback tool

  • Improve click-through rates and conversions for their Google Ads acquisition channel

The work

Check ‘n Go replaced its in-house review solution with Trustpilot and quickly began implementing the platform’s integration points across its website and throughout its interactions with customers.

After customers secure a loan with Check ‘n Go, they are sent an email inviting them to review the service through Trustpilot’s Automatic Feedback Service. Check ‘n Go shares the reviews on key landing pages of their site, where visitors arrive from paid advertisements. These visitors are in search of information about a critical process that they need to ensure is quick, convenient, and reliable.

The accessibility of Check ‘n Go reviews on those pages support and speak to that requirement, which helps also encourage conversion decisions.

The end result showed that landing pages with Trustpilot reviews in place have converted at much higher rates than pages without reviews; thus Check n’ Go is conducting A/B testing to determine where else on its site customer feedback could improve performance.

When customers come to us for short-term financial assistance, they need to know quickly what sets Check ‘n Go apart from the pack and why they should do business with us.
Farhad Rahbardar, Web Analytics Analyst

The results

Within a few months of implementing Trustpilot, Check n’ Go had already recorded measurable benefits for its brand.

The initial landing pages featuring customer reviews recorded a lift in conversion rate of approximately 12 percent, a significant improvement.

Trustpilot reviews have also helped decrease the cost of Check ‘n Go’s paid search advertising, making their Google Ads program yield better overall ROI.

"Trustpilot reviews help us give them the peace of mind that comes from word-of-mouth marketing, and the ROI has been clear from the start."
- Farhad Rahbardar, Web Analytics Analyst at Check 'n Go

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