Handepay uses reviews to broadcast their successes

Thursday, 14 June 2018
handepay case study

Handepay, based in Haydock, Merseyside, provides merchant services to independent businesses across the UK. Founded in 2006, the company has over 130 employees, 28,000+ customers and aims to help businesses save money and grow through its services which include chip and PIN card terminals, contactless terminals and e-commerce solutions.

As Handepay falls within the financial services sector, a common concern prospective customers have is the perceived risk associated with their offerings. By partnering with Trustpilot, a third party review platform, Handepay can gather and disseminate customer feedback to showcase their trustworthiness to potential customers.

Making Their Online Reputation Soar

Handepay began their partnership with Trustpilot with two goals in mind: to manage their online reputation and to easily facilitate the collection of customer feedback. However, Handepay quickly realised there were several other areas they would see positive impact from working with Trustpilot. One channel that benefited was organic search.

Currently, their business profile page on Trustpilot ranks #1 for the term "Handepay reviews" in Google. Based on this high visibility, their profile gets over 90 impressions a month, ensuring that high-value prospects, those that are close to a conversion decision, can find their verified customer reviews easily.

As Trustpilot is a credible and recognised brand, Handepay is able to positively impact their online reputation, while ensuring their reviews have maximum potential to be discovered by interested consumers.

How Reviews Inspire and Improve Service

Sales staff use Handepay’s Trustpilot reviews to provide further credibility when working to sell their services. Their reviews provide the third party validation needed to demonstrate the value of their offerings.

"I find that Trustpilot is extremely beneficial as it can be a reassurance when speaking to customers who have any doubts when going through the upgrade process. Trustpilot shows a genuine reflection of us, so it is helpful to have a website we can show our customers before, during or after the sales process."

— Siobhan Melling, Account Manager

In particular, the sales team has seen that using reviews that mention specific advisors increases the likelihood of them securing a sale.

Both sales advisors and customer support advisors get to see the reviews attributed to them, reinforcing their mission to provide quality customer service, and pointing out any areas for improvement.

Using Reviews to Connect with Every Customer

Sharing reviews across marketing materials and customer touch points allows Handepay to see the largest scale returns on their partnership with Trustpilot. Their business features their Trustpilot rating on their website, in their email signatures, literature, and business cards.

Handepay is also able to connect with customers on a personal basis by collecting and responding to their feedback. Asking for reviews from all of their customers give them an opportunity to collect a diverse range of opinions on what they do well and could be improved, while allowing them to acknowledge every customer and thank them for sharing.

Our customers love the fact that their feedback goes directly to decision makers to improve our service.
Mark Latham, Director

Furthermore, collecting reviews allows Handepay identify customers who have had a negative experience, to respond in a timely manner, and send the information to the relevant departments to get the issue sorted. Often, Handepay finds that these customers will update their reviews accordingly, to show the more recent positive experience with the company.

The Trustpilot Partnership Continues

Ultimately, Handepay uses Trustpilot to generate trust in their brand and their individual salespeople. Having improved their online reputation and connected with hundreds of customers, Handepay feels confident continuing to actively collect reviews with Trustpilot, because it allows potential customers to access their feedback with ease.

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