Why Customer Feedback is Essential to Instantprint’s Growth

Monday, 26 March 2018
instantprint case study

"For us, we saw that if we were to compete in the market, Trustpilot customer reviews are an essential part of any online retailer's toolkit." - James Kinsella, Founding Director, Instantprint.

Do you know who holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest business card?

The answer would be Instantprint, a printing company based in South Yorkshire, England.

Instantprint serve a broad range of customers, from small village shops to large international brands. Thanks to continued investment in the latest printing technology, instantprint are able to quickly and cheaply print any order size, all in the highest-quality.

Yet while instantprint and their customers knew their quality, did prospective customers?

The only way to find out was to open up to customer feedback. Now, after collecting reviews from past customers, instantprint have a reputation to shout about.

The results since joining Trustpilot

Since signing up to Trustpilot in early 2015, instantprint have:

  • Over 2,000 reviews

  • A five-star Trustpilot rating

Why join Trustpilot?

“Joining Trustpilot was an easy choice,” says James Kinsella, one of the founding Directors at instantprint. “Everyone knows who Trustpilot are and what they do, so it seemed silly not to be part of it.”

The challengers in instantprint’s industry are huge, with a range of online competitors, as well as smaller printers offering similar services right through to established founders of the industry.

“For us, we saw that if we were to compete in the market, Trustpilot customer reviews are an essential part of any online retailer's toolkit,” says James.

“They form a key part of the customer's decision making process and ultimately their purchase journey. If you’re not present online, and someone else is, you’re going to be beaten.”

The impact of reviews on company direction

By looking at the trends in reviews and common themes, effective steps can be taken as a business grows. It’s something instantprint have experienced.

“We certainly see that our products and services are shaped by customer feedback,” says James.

“Print is a very tactile product which people often like to see and feel before purchasing to help them judge the quality for themselves. By receiving feedback on our products, we are able to give potential customers the reassurance of quality that they need to buy from us.”

And negative reviews are not ignored either.

“You’ve got to not be scared of negative feedback,” says James. “Sure it’s not great to read, but it can give you valuable information to prevent mistakes happening again.

“Our head of Customer Service monitors negative feedback and responds to it all. Sometimes when someone is negative it’s the first time that the negative issue has come up, so we investigate it and reach out to the customer.”

"Feedback helps boost staff morale"

With 100,000 sq foot of office space, and 250 staff members (and counting), instantprint know keeping their company connected to their customers is key to a healthy working environment.

“Feedback helps boost staff morale and is an easy way to show our staff the impact they have on customers, which is important in such a broad market where trust is key.”


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