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G-Form converts more customers by showing off their social proof

Tuesday, 13 April 2021
G-Form converts more customers by showing off their social proof

G-Form specializes in protective sports gear while embracing the nerdy science side of their industry.

That means embracing their own cutting edge (SmartFlex™) technology and constantly testing their products to make sure they’re offering the best protective gear on the market.

From bikers to soccer players, the one common thread for athletes is that falls and injuries are pretty much inevitable. G-Form knows that fear and safety worries can have some of the worst effects on an athlete’s mindset and performance, so by providing the best protective gear available, they’re empowering their customers to focus on what matters most: being on top of their game.

The need for a third-party review platform

Initially, G-Form had an internal system in place to collect reviews manually. The more they grew and upgraded their website, the less efficient this became. As a smaller brand competing for market share from much bigger competitors, they also needed to establish their trustworthiness in the eyes of Google and start using SEO-friendly product reviews for better visibility in organic search.

Collecting and showing off customer reviews with Trustpilot has helped them achieve exactly that.

Getting the most out of their customer reviews

One of the biggest reasons G-Form has had such success with customer reviews is because they understand how effective social proof is in building trust with unsure shoppers. Many eCommerce brands add their reviews to their homepage and leave it at that.

But G-Form understands that the more places they can display their ratings or reviews, the more they’re letting the voice of their customers do the work for them to build much-needed trust with their future customers.

Email marketing performs better with social proof

G-form makes sure to leverage their excellent rating in the footer of all of their marketing emails. It’s an excellent way to add a little bit of additional trust for their brand, and any shoppers that may be on the fence are able to click the footer and easily head to their Trustpilot page.

From there, they can do their own research and read what G-Form customers are saying about their brand. This gives them a better idea of what customers are actually saying about G-Form products and allows them to make confident purchasing decisions.

Ratings in email footer

Including your star rating at the bottom of your marketing emails is an easy way to build trust with shoppers

In many of their email flows, they also include full customer reviews. This helps them avoid leaning on tired marketing copy to fill the page and lets their happiest customers act as brand advocates and do the selling for them.

Customer reviews in marketing emails

Including customer reviews can be a great way to switch up your marketing emails

This is a perfect example of how fun and engaging reviews can be as pieces of content. With a bit of humor around a painful situation that many bikers can likely relate to, these types of reviews keep your brand fresh and relatable for the audience that will connect with your brand and products the most.

Reviews lead to more ROI on paid social

Because it’s not a free channel like email, paid ads can carry a bit more of a risk. With every ad, part of your precious budget goes with it – so you want to maximize your ROI by making sure to take advantage of any way to boost the credibility of that ad so people will actually click through.

Star rating in paid social ad

Star rankings on ads can help boost credibility

That’s why G-Form highlights their excellent star rating on their paid social campaigns. Not only do the green stars catch more eyes, but they also show at the very beginning of the buying journey that they’re in good standing with a trusted third-party review site — and this goes the extra mile to help them earn trust with prospective customers.

Build confidence in specific products with product reviews

A star rating and general service level reviews are great for building a trusted brand — but depending on the type of products you sell, customers might need more specific insight into whatever product attributes they’re looking for to feel comfortable making a purchase.

Product reviews on product pages

Product reviews can help shoppers find more specific information than general service reviews

Injuries are scary, and they can also differ widely based on a lot of different factors. Because of this, general reviews about their products don’t necessarily build enough trust for shoppers to feel confident in their purchases. G-Form also sells gear for a few different sports, so reviews for baseball gear aren’t necessarily helpful for bikers or soccer players.

That's why G-Form leverages product reviews on their product pages, so that their customers can see reviews from the products they’re looking at specifically. This eliminates any last bits of doubt about whatever product they’re in the market for, and lets them decide to purchase based on only the most relevant feedback.

Showing off customer feedback on organic social

One of the best places to be leveraging your review content is on your social channels. Not only is this going to be a huge win for whoever handles your social media by saving them a ton of time, but the content is also going to come across as a lot more genuine and engaging than if your social media is just you touting your own brand.

Reviews as social media content

Reviews from your customers can make excellent content for your social media channels

For someone who might be in the market for your products or services, seeing real reviews from happy customers on their social feeds can be a lot more impactful than seeing slick branded content or an outright ad for your brand.

In addition to coming across as more genuine, reviews can often answer questions that someone might have had about a product before they thought to ask it, eliminating the need for them to go searching for answers before they complete the checkout process.

Reviews and their internal benefits

When we asked G-Form to talk about any other benefits they were seeing from collecting reviews with Trustpilot, they talked about how reviews are not just helpful in conveying value to their customers — they’re really helpful for their employees internally as well.

Trustpilot and G-Form

Trustpilot reviews have even helped guide decisions on sizing and alternative uses for their products. They started getting so many unexpected reviews about customers using their Pro-X2 knee pads for construction or everyday handiwork that they now take some of their reviews to their R&D department to help them plan for future product positions and rollouts.

Are you ready to use social proof to build a trusted brand and attract new customers like G-Form? Request a demo below.


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