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How to make customer satisfaction your key differentiator

Monday, March 19, 2018
How to make customer satisfaction your key differentiator

Whether the buying decision is large or small, the way a customer feels about your brand matters more and more, and can be the deciding factor on whether or not a customer ultimately decides to buy from you.

Managing your reputation and understanding how and why customers feel the way they do about your company takes a customer-first approach. By considering your customers in nearly all aspects of your business, you’re ensuring all decisions are being made to accomplish the same goal: making customers happy and keeping happy customers.

In the mortgage lending industry, customer trust and satisfaction is an absolute. Prospects coming to mortgage lenders are making a major life choice and they can’t afford to make the wrong decision. With such an intimate and life-changing opportunity, how a customer feels about a mortgage lender should be considered across an entire company. This kind of thinking is what led HomeBridge, one of the top 10 mortgage companies in America to come to Trustpilot to start collecting reviews.

HomeBridge adopted a customer-first strategy and identified three major goals:

  • Establishing credibility with clients
  • Streamlining customer success processes
  • Track benefits accrued from an improved reputation

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By working with Trustpilot to automate their review collection, HomeBridge was able to learn from their customers’ feedback, improve their service, customer experience, and also gain tangible benefits such as an increase in traffic and an improved reputation.

To learn how HomeBridge was able to achieve success this way, check out the recorded webinar below!


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