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Evolve your customer service with our new Zendesk integration

Thursday, June 7, 2018
Evolve your customer service with our new Zendesk integration

As customer service has become such a powerful differentiator, user experience with a business will make or break their success.

And with Verint research claiming "85% of consumers say good service affects their buying behavior,” producing excellent customer service can lead to a high return on investment. the return on investment of promising great customer service is certainly high. That's why Trustpilot has partnered with Zendesk, one of the biggest names in the customer service software industry, to create a brand new and exciting integration for our customers.

Our webinar will show you how the Zendesk integration makes customer communication a breeze. Step by step, we’ll show how companies using Zendesk will be able to install a Trustpilot channel side by side with their existing channels (i.e. email, phone, social media) to seamlessly manage customer communication in one place. Also, we’ll showcase how reviews below a particular rating can be converted into a Zendesk ticket, meaning you can dive deeper into customer feedback.

With this integration, ensure you hit your customer service goals every month. Check out our webinar recording below to see just how easy it is to evolve your customer service using our new Zendesk integration.


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