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Building Credibility
How Canvas Factory builds trust with customers
Canvas Factory’s mission is to make photo printing easy and affordable for everyone. The business believes shoppers should be able to buy cheap canvas prints without sacrificing quality and craftsmanship. But in such a competitive industry, it is imperative for a company like Canvas Factory to be able to hold trust at all levels and all stages of the buying journey. That’s why Canvas Factory started collecting reviews with Trustpilot. Their focus on customer satisfaction has helped their Autralian team achieve an amazing 9.4/10 rating on Trustpilot, from over 2,600 reviews. To better understand how the business uses reviews to increase customer confidence and boost marketing efforts, we spoke with Tim Daley, Founder and Managing Director at [Canvas Factory](
Paid Digital Marketing
Get the 2019 Tech Trends Brand Growth Guidebook from ROI Revolution
With digital retail sales predicted to exceed four trillion dollars by the year 2020, it’s safe to say that global ecommerce is in the midst of its forever moment. In their new Tech Trends Brand Growth Guidebook, our friends at ROI Revolution set out to offer ecommerce businesses a truly comprehensive roadmap for making the most of all the innovations, tools, and trends shaping digital marketing this year. We weighed in to highlight some reasons that every ecommerce business should work social proof marketing into their marketing touchpoints.
Building Credibility
Building Trust in Financial Services
The digital revolution has transformed financial services. Established finance companies used to be able to rely on consumers to trust them, but with more and more FinTech companies appearing on the market, they are now facing a wave of disruption. FinTech startups are all about innovation and are built around delighting customers. That's why today, bigger brands have to raise their game to keep up with the competition.
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