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Ways to utilize your business profile page on Trustpilot

Tuesday, 5 June 2018
utilizing your trustpilot profile

Imagine you had interested, prospective customers right in front of you. What information would you want to communicate?

Think of your Trustpilot profile page as the locus where potential customers researching your company will decide if they want to use your service or purchase your product.

Now that the prospect has landed on your profile page, what company info can you use to convert her?

  1. Make sure your profile page describes, in a clear and compelling way, what your business does. Why are you a good fit? Why should someone choose you? Speak to your demographic. Proven Data Recovery not only provides their company’s mission, and a description of their business, but also shares the logos of all their top satisfied clients - a compelling argument to visit their website and learn more.

Satisfied Clients
  1. Running a big promotion? Maybe that tantalizing discount will be the factor that tips the consumer in your favor, and pushes them to convert after visiting your Trustpilot profile. Flight service iFlyBusiness provides a discount as an incentive to visit their website (and convert!)

  1. Include a clear call to action or two, as DoItYourselfLettering did (below), giving customers a link to “Design Online Now” or “Request a Quote.” You can connect potential consumers directly to a point of conversion right from your Trustpilot profile page, while flanked by positive reviews from previous customers.

Adhesive Vinyl Lettering
  1. Want to make your customers feel safe and secure, and demonstrate you value their trust? Share your guarantee. Bolt Depot reassures customers with four commitments to service (as shown on their profile page). You can imagine why their customers feel especially comfortable placing their order.

Bolt Depot Customer Service
  1. While you’re encouraging faith in your business, why not share your company’s mission? Use your Trustpilot profile page to demonstrate what your company’s about, and create a personal connection with potential customers. The Futon Shop shares the founder’s mission, displaying the company’s commitment to providing an organic and natural product:

About this company
  1. You can also connect to your social media pages – encouraging potential customers to see another cultivated area of your brand. If a customer is interested in learning more about your company, but isn’t ready to convert quite yet, they can start following your brand on social media. Social media is an excellent way to bridge the gap between interest and conversion. InMyArea connected to their Facebook page, and around 7,700 of their biggest fans:

  1. At the most basic level, your Trustpilot profile page can provide all the information necessary for a potential customer - such as how to contact you, how to find your site, and who you are. Visit the Trustpilot profile page, and if you want to become their customer, have a single question about their business, or want to hear about other customers’ experiences, you’re set.


Of course, the number one tool to convert customers is your recent collection of reviews! However, you can always strengthen your Trustpilot profile page by personalizing it to maximize your Trustpilot partnership as a tool for conversion.


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