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Building Credibility
5 Must-have Magento extensions to build a trusted online store
In eCommerce, customer trust is crucial. Enhancing trust by using social proof is a surefire way to increase sales because customers are more likely to purchase items from a store that seems trustworthy. But if your website does not seem trustworthy, your sales may fall – even if you have great products. And the numbers don’t lie.
Social Proof
A beginner’s guide to building brand loyalty with user-generated content
In today’s competitive world, it’s becoming harder and harder for retailers to attract and hold on to customers. Consumers are empowered like never before, and shoppers will look at more than just price when making a purchase decision. There are many components that a business can focus on to stand out from the competition. Delivering a great customer experience, both offline and online, is one of them. Indeed, brands offering ‘[shopping experiences](’ to their customers are more likely to build loyalty in the long run. So why is customer loyalty so important, and what can a business do to get closer to its customers? Keep on reading...
Customer Experience
Why YourParkingSpace chose Trustpilot to stay true to its customer service mission
YourParkingSpace is an online marketplace designed to make it simple to park your car. With YourParkingSpace, car owners can find hourly, daily, and monthly parking spaces for rent UK-wide. With their easy-to-use app and great customer service, they’ve achieved an amazing 9.2/10 TrustScore from over 25,000 reviews! To better understand how [YourParkingSpace]( leverages Trustpilot reviews to revolutionise parking in the UK, we spoke with Tamar Sakadjian, Brand Marketing Director.
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