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Collecting reviews
The rise of the review culture
In today’s competitive world, businesses are starting to use customer feedback to stand out from the competition. Today, more shoppers than ever before read online reviews as part of their decision-making journey, making customer feedback one of the best tools for marketers out there. Indeed, it’s become essential to understand your consumers’ needs and wants in order to ensure your company is future-proof. Listening empowers you to learn from, and talk to, your customers in order to build trust and create ever-improving experiences.
Customer Experience
How Fantastic Services use Trustpilot to improve their client-company conversation
Fantastic Services is a property maintenance and home improvement brand with over 400 franchises in the UK, the USA, and Australia, offering a range of 25+ services such as professional cleaning, gardening, handymen, and home removals. Fantastic Services recognise that one of the best ways to make their services as user-friendly as possible is by generating helpful feedback from their clients. In 2014, the company took the decision to join Trustpilot in order to fine-tune the communication with their customers. We spoke with the [Fantastic Services]( team to better understand how Trustpilot makes an impact on the brand’s client-company conversation. Here’s their story...
Reputation Management
Why does Google care if your business has online reviews in 2019?
Over the last decade we’ve come to expect handy guidance from ratings and reviews anytime we go online. Now Google expects them, too. Maybe it’s because Amazon taught us to rely on ratings and reviews, or maybe it’s because we’ve always been social creatures, eager to hear about what others did when faced with similar decisions. Maybe it’s because Google tends to show us search results that feature reviews and ratings.
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