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Why storage companies need business reviews

Thursday, June 14, 2018

We recently published an eGuide on the future of brand’s futures being powered by trust. That eGuide got us thinking, “What can we do to show how reviews are important for specific verticals?”

Are you moving, renovating, or finally reclaiming the storage room formerly known as your garage? Enter the storage solution vertical. We’re not talking about external hard drives and cloud-based storage here, we’re talking about storage facilities for the things you simply don’t have room for. Being a New Yorker, I know this feeling all too well.

Storage unit

Unlike many other industries, there aren’t huge household names in storage. Why? Well, while there may be some companies offering locations throughout the US, many have a handful in one location, making competition particularly strong.

What we aim to show you individuals working within the storage field is a guide through why collecting reviews is so important in creating new sales for your business. It’s like finding a million dollars behind the door on Storage Wars, without any of the bidding.


In addition though, these guiding rules will help any business that has a brick and mortar store that wants to expand their brand through online reviews.

As we just mentioned, due to the strong competition in the storage field, most people find their storage provider by simply walking by a location near their home, and then searching online to see if the location is worthwhile.

There are so many different locations and providers though. The only way to distinguish between different storage businesses is through first-hand accounts and reviews. I mean, customers will be storing some really important stuff here, so they want to make sure they can trust the security of the business, right?

Let’s talk about concerns and problems that storage companies face and illustrate what can be done to alleviate stresses and build trust and sales.

Your potential concerns:

  • Paying a ton of money in paid search to separate yourself from your competition
  • Building trust with prospects who know virtually nothing about your business
  • People want storage but don’t know who to go to
  • Relying on facility managers to tell people to write reviews
  • How to position advertising and marketing when you may have no team, or only a couple of people working on those teams



  • Avoid paying a ton of money for ad spend by incorporating the collection of reviews from sites like Trustpilot, allowing you to collect reviews for all your locations in one fell swoop
stack of money

Building trust

  • Displaying real third-party validated customer reviews on your site give your prospects the confidence needed to ease their worries on whether or not they can trust their valuables with you.
  • Place the reviews you collect on your site, especially on landing pages where decisions are made by prospects to give them the assurance needed to make the purchase.
  • In addition, Trustpilot offers a tagging feature which allows the widget on your site to display reviews by location, rather than all lumped into one place.
  • The tagging feature gives the viewer a personalized experience based on their geo-location - an excellent way to bridge the brick-and-mortar and online gap.

Collecting feedback

  • Also, you can set up an automated message through your review service that allows for an email to be sent out once someone signs up for your storage facility, asking if they can leave you a review - thus increasing your feedback much easier than manually asking each individual.
  • Each month, collect a list of all your newly added customers and send them an email invite requesting a review. It’s a great way to stay in touch with your customers and get fresh feedback.
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  • If you’re a smaller company, you have a lot on your plate (and even if you’re not a small company). Online reviews allow you to not worry about promotion of reviews to build your brand by automating your efforts and becoming your supplemental marketing team.
  • There is a lot of weight on the clout reviews through Trustpilot have with Google (after 150 reviews you begin generating Google Seller Reviews).
  • A newer manager might be more motivated to ask customers for reviews, but as time goes on they have too many other things to worry about. Give them time to worry about everything else but collecting feedback through automating the process.
  • Online reviews serve as your marketing by providing real accounts from current customers.

Key takeaways:

  • Having reviews on landing pages is key
  • Having reviews near the purchase or sign-up page or buttons
  • Ask for a review soon after they move into the storage unit at which point if the experience went over well then they are more likely to write about it, rather than months or years later

You make storage easy and reliable, now it’s time to get the feedback and boost in sales you deserve from your hard work. Start collecting today and you’ll feel the results sooner than you know. See what Guardian Self Storage had to say about working together with Trustpilot:

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