How Fantastic Services use Trustpilot to improve their client-company conversation

Monday, 17 June 2019

Fantastic Services is a property maintenance and home improvement brand with over 400 franchises in the UK, the USA, and Australia, offering a range of 25+ services such as professional cleaning, gardening, handymen, and home removals.

Fantastic Services recognise that one of the best ways to make their services as user-friendly as possible is by generating helpful feedback from their clients. In 2014, the company took the decision to join Trustpilot in order to fine-tune the communication with their customers.

We spoke with the Fantastic Services team to better understand how Trustpilot makes an impact on the brand’s client-company conversation. Here’s their story...

How Fantastic Services leverage Trustpilot

1. Encourage customer feedback

The company understands that no matter how refined a service is, there is always room for improvement. That is why every time one of the company's existing or new customers receives a service, Fantastic Services sends an еmail encouraging the customer to share about their experience.

By doing so, the company has the chance to learn about the positive or negative aspects of a certain service. Besides taking the feedback and applying it to improve the company’s products, if a client of Fantastic Services has experienced any sort of issue regarding a service, a customer care specialist will contact them to resolve the matter.

Fantastic services rate service trustpilot

2. Optimise click-through rate

In a sea of competitors for customer attention, having a boost in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) is a big advantage. Thanks to Trustpilot, Fantastic Services has the chance to catch the client’s eye by displaying a star rating through Google Ads. This extension, Google Seller Ratings, can considerably improve your click-through rate. Indeed, this allows potential customers to get a clearer idea early on the brand’s reliability, which in result can encourage them to visit the website.

Fantastic services google seller ratings

3. Build trust throughout the buying journey

In order to boost the customer's trust in Fantastic Services, the company has made use of the Trustpilot widget by placing it on key pages and various other areas of their website.

Fantastic services trustpilot widget onsite

This extra step aims to defuse any doubt in potential clients towards the company while building credibility at every stage of the customer journey.

4. Showcasing trust signals on social media

Nowadays, having a social media presence is vital for any brand. Being open about the company’s customer ratings is of high importance to Fantastic Services. That’s why the company uses social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to share their customer reviews with the public. This way, the brand creates a prerequisite for a quality client-company conversation, while showcasing the services it offers.

Fantastic services Trustpilot review social

Why Fantastic Services chose to work with Trustpilot

One of the main reasons behind Fantastic Services’ decision to start working with Trustpilot is the transparency that the open review platform provides. Fantastic Services understands the importance of online reviews in today’s competitive market, and wants all of their customers to have the chance to share their experiences with both the company and the public.

In this area of business, it’s important to gather as much feedback as possible in order to collect great customer insights and improve the quality of the services provided and, of course - to make sure that the client-company communication is kept up to the highest standard.

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