LetsGetChecked reveal how they leverage Trustpilot reviews to build trust in the healthcare industry

Monday, 11 March 2019
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LetsGetChecked enables customers to purchase health tests to take in the comfort of their own home by ordering online and tracking their results through their personal dashboard.

The business is all about making healthcare and diagnostics open and patient-led, empowering people to use technology in a simple but powerful way, and giving greater control of their personal health.

Why Trustpilot?

Peter Foley, CEO and Founder, started LetsGetChecked to put customers at the center of the process, with the aim to provide them with the same level of clinical oversight they would receive if they went through the existing healthcare infrastructure.

A central part of this vision was ensuring that every customer received exemplary customer service, which brought the company to Trustpilot.

“Our medical technology platform provides connectivity between our customers and global laboratories for personal health testing. We are enabling customers to order, manage and track their own clinical outcomes through a personal online account. For an important purchase like this, it’s important for consumers to feel like they can fully trust and rely on us”, explains Peter Foley.

Improving customer satisfaction with reviews

Since going live with Trustpilot in 2017, the business’ Trustpilot rating has improved from a great 8.7, to an amazing 9.6/10.

That improvement has been achieved by listening to and learning from the voice of the customer, and turning great and constructive feedback into consumer insights.

“Trustpilot users have given us feedback on everything: From our packaging, instructions and delivery, to our website usability, customer service and nursing support. The feedback we receive on a daily basis is incredibly valuable to us, as it is helps us understand what works, and what needs to change. Without Trustpilot, we would not be providing as good a service to our customers”, says Peter.

letsgetchecked review management

LetsGetChecked is ISO 13485 certified as a medical device manufacturer, and Trustpilot is an integral part of the certification.

Their customer reviews, and their incredible TrustScore, are both part of their formal Quality Management System processes to ensure they meet customer and regulatory compliance.

The company reviews both positive and negative feedback with the aim to improve customer experience, and meet and exceed expectations on an ongoing basis.

Showcasing reviews throughout the journey

Leveraging reviews throughout the buying journey helps boost customer confidence and reduce doubt and scepticism.

This is one of the reason why Letsgetchecked showcases Trustpilot reviews both on-site and at each stage of the journey.

letsgetchecked reviews on-site
letsgetchecked product reviews

According to research, 23% of people buy through social media recommendations, and 40% of businesses use social media to generate sales. That’s why Letsgetchecked also makes the most of the Trustpilot-Facebook integration, and share its customers’ feedback on social channels.

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Letsgetchecked understands that trust is earned, not owed. Reviews give you the tools to build a great brand using reputation marketing and power your business forward.

If you’d like to boost customer confidence, increase your conversions and turn visitors into loyal customers, why not create your own Trustpilot account? It’s quick, easy and free! Just click the link below.


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