Q&A: How Silver Heart’s customer feedback increased conversions by 47%

Friday, June 15, 2018
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If you’re a small business, you’re likely to take on many responsibilities that bigger companies would typically hire people for.

At least that’s what Dave Smart does. As the owner of specialist online fashion and footwear store Silver Heart, Dave is responsible for the overall company growth. And he’s the marketing manager too.

And designer. And website coder.

With so many different responsibilities, Dave knew there was a team member he could rely upon to do some of the marketing and selling for him: his customers.

We caught up with Dave to talk about his Trustpilot story and how Silver Heart’s customer feedback has increased conversion, improved online visibility and reduced cart abandonment.

Key stats with Trustpilot

  • 47% conversion rate increase with TrustBox at checkout
  • 25% reduction in cart abandonment
  • 20% click-through increase in Google Shopping Ads

What made you choose Trustpilot?

We joined Trustpilot in 2014 because it seemed the most authentic review community to us, from a customer’s perspective. We valued the commitment to being independent and impartial.

We also liked the vetting of suspicious reviews that is on offer, and the ability to require order verification before reviewing. The inclusion of the star rating in Google AdWords was a big plus too.

What’s the biggest advantage you’ve seen from using Trustpilot?

PPC click-through rate grew around 5% on our normal Google AdWords, and around 20% for our Google Shopping Ads.

Once we implemented the TrustBox on our checkout page, cart abandonment in this area dropped by around 25%. The year-on-year improvement after adding this TrustBox was a 47.85% increase in conversion rate.

How has Trustpilot helped you build trust with customers?

One of the downsides of selling online is that you almost always have direct competition on an item, unless you are a manufacturer or have exclusivity.

So the only two ways to make sure you stand out are customer service and trustworthiness. Having the third-party Trustpilot reviews allows a new customer to immediately see if you are trustworthy, and if you actually care about the customer.

We've had emails and enquires where the customer has explicitly stated that they contacted us because they had seen the reviews on Trustpilot when browsing the site.

There's benefit for existing customers too. I think a quick thanks for leaving a review helps build a relationship, plus sometimes a customer will mention something they found negative about dealing with us in a review, where they might not come forward to us directly.

What would you tell other companies about your Trustpilot experience?

Having Trustpilot's reviews integrated with our site helps us to stand out from the crowd and convey our message that we're obsessive over customer care.

Reviews show it's safe to buy from us as you'll not be left out in the cold if you have an issue. That care is at the very core of who we are as a company.


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