This Is It Stores increase website revenue 155% and customer confidence with help from Trustpilot

Friday, 16 March 2018

This Is It Stores has been selling quality goods at discounted prices in stores throughout the South West of England for over 20 years.

Priding themselves on 100% customer satisfaction and eager to build on their success, they moved into online trading in 2010 and it’s now the biggest growth area of their business.

Showcasing customer reviews using Trustpilot has given customers confidence to buy direct from the This Is It Stores website, helping to build their online reputation and increasing website revenue by 155%.

Key statistics

  • 4,000+ reviews

  • 155% increase in website revenue

  • 48% increase in conversion

  • TrustScore of 9.0

Why use Trustpilot?

This Is It Stores began trading online and in marketplaces like eBay and Amazon in 2010. This was a quick way to establish their ecommerce business, but sales on their own website lagged behind.

Clearly customers liked our products and prices because they were buying from us in their droves on eBay and Amazon. We were getting traffic, but suffered with a low conversion rate.
Josh Piercy, Ecommerce Manager at This Is It Stores

With over 100K positive customer comments on eBay, and boasting 96% positive feedback scores on Amazon, This Is It knew that customers liked what they offered but were not familiar enough with the brand to trust in purchasing from their own website.


Building trust and customer confidence

Customers visiting the This Is It Stores website had no reason to have confidence in their ability to deliver the correct item on time and in perfect condition. “We knew that we offered a phenomenal service, that we cared for our customers and that we would always be available to help with any problems that arose,” said Josh, “but we also knew that saying it ourselves was utterly meaningless to our customers.”

“When Christian called me to discuss what Trustpilot could offer, the timing was perfect,” says Josh. “We needed to give customers confidence to shop with us on the new website.

We did consider a few other review services, but Trustpilot was clearly the strongest proposition. Integrating with the Trustpilot API and utilising widgets was a quick and painless process.”

‘Website revenue is up 155% and is now our fastest growing channel’

This Is It Stores now have over 1,000 Trustpilot reviews and a TrustScore of 9.0.

Highlighting their Trustpilot rating and latest reviews is part of a broad strategy to increase website conversion for This Is It stores. It has helped customers feel confident about buying from them directly and increased conversion rates by 48%.

The impact of Trustpilot has been so impressive that This Is It Stores re-designed their website header to feature the Trustpilot rating on every page.

This is it website

Trustpilot reviews and ratings have also been indexed by Google. “When anyone searches for us, on the first page there are positive comments from our customers from a verified source. It’s hard to attribute a value to that but it’s definitely a good thing!” says Josh.

This Is It Stores also feature product reviews on every page so that customers can have confidence in what they’re buying. They also share reviews on Facebook and Twitter, building awareness and confidence in This Is It Stores.

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Using Trustpilot to improve customer service

This Is It Stores have always prided themselves on customer satisfaction and now use Trustpilot reviews as a measure of their marketing success, always aiming for 5 stars.

All customer reviews are read by their Customer Service Manager and used to give feedback to the relevant teams. “The direct feedback from our customers helps us to identify and rectify issues,” says Josh. “We aim to maintain sales growth and conversion while continuing to get excellent reviews from our customers.”


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