How Artfinder uses customer feedback to improve their community

Friday, 15 June 2018
Art Finder

Despite differences in artistic preferences between all of us, there's one shared attribute we all have: a desire for quality.

Quality doesn't just mean quality of the finished product but of the sales process too.

Art marketplace Artfinder assure both quality works of art and quality of service in one community. Offering a choice of over 7,500 artists, Artfinder ensures every artist in their community can be found and bought from, regardless of their level of fame.

And to ensure the Artfinder is working as it should be, Artfinder use Trustpilot reviews.

Here's how Artfinder's artistic community benefits from being part of the Trustpilot review community.

Goals with Trustpilot

  • To receive feedback that improves Artfinder functions

  • To improve visibility in search engines and paid ads

  • To offer greater customer service

Key Artfinder facts

  • 480+ reviews

  • Five-star rating on Trustpilot

  • 30% increase in PPC click-through with Seller Reviews extension

  • 9.5 out of 10 TrustScore

  • 6% increase in conversion on basket with Trustpilot Trustbox

Why use Trustpilot?

“For us, Trustpilot was the simple choice when looking at online review websites because of the strength of Trustpilot’s branding and ease of use,” says Chief Operations Officer, Michal Szczesny.

Artfinder already have an internal review system where customers can review the artists they buy from; 45% of the artists on Artfinder are reviewed this way.

These individual reviews however are not worth much unless Artfinder is trusted as a community.

“Transparency and honesty is key for the future of businesses as things move online. We wanted to drive people to our community, to show them that Artfinder is their one stop for all art buying. For that, we need to be trusted ourselves,” says Michal.

“So we joined Trustpilot because we felt their openness and community spirit is a value we share.”

How is Trustpilot used?

“The artists on our community really represent Artfinder on a day-to-day basis; if they’re not offering great customer service, or they’re finding it hard to use our community, we need to know,” says Angela Roldan, Business Development Manager at Artfinder.

Once a customer has purchased artwork through Artfinder, they’re invited to leave two reviews: one review relating to the artist on Artfinder; and another through Trustpilot which asks for feedback on the performance of Artfinder as a marketplace.

“We receive lots of feedback we would otherwise miss, from suggestions to make the buying process easier, to comments about delivery and more,” says Angela.

“Customer feedback is the only real, objective way to prove how great a business is. Surveys and testimonials can be biased. Reviews cannot.”

Where is Trustpilot beneficial?

1 - Improving customer service

“Trustpilot benefits us in many areas,” says Michal. “But a key one for us is customer service.”

If a review is submitted awarding Artfinder less than four stars, staff at the Artfinder office receive a notification to chase up the customer who left the review.

“When we reach out we often find the customer mentions an issue that’s never arisen before,” says Angela. “By addressing the review head on, we can develop our offering better in the future so we can better serve the artists in our community.”

2 - Identifying customer trends

Artfinder’s reviews are automatically tagged with terms such as ‘shipping', 'return' or 'checkout'. This means that when a review is submitted, the Artfinder team already know which area of the buying process a review relates to. Repeated mention of these tags could indicate a problem or signify an area that’s working well.

3 - Preventing cart abandonment

“Trustpilot offers a range of easy-to-use widgets which show how trusted we are in a simple, colourful way,” says Michal.

“By placing these at key points on our site, we’ve been able to reassure customers that Artfinder is the community for them so they continue to the checkout. That’s good for us, and even better for our artists.”

4 - Guiding artists to become better sellers

With this new stream of reviews for the Artfinder community, the team aim to send a regular report to artists in their community, giving them a summary of the feedback Artfinder have received.

“Our reviews focus on customer service, delivery and more,” says Angela. “What we learn ourselves can be passed onto our artists too, helping them improve their own offering.”

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