Gough Recruitment reveal how they leverage Trustpilot reviews

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Why Trustpilot?

Gough Recruitment takes its customer reviews seriously.

Within recruitment, the challenge is finding the best talent in a timely manner without exclusivity.

That’s why Gough Recruitment shares its reviews on-site (above), as well as on social channels, like Facebook (below).

Diane explains: “The reviews appear on multiple pages on our website (these are the key pages that our customers visit regularly), and also on our Facebook page. We quite often quote what our review status is through business proposals and monthly across the business as we are so proud of our 9.6/10 rating from almost 400 reviews.”

Through portraying service excellence that is being backed by their Trustpilot reviewers, Gough Recruitment hopes that they can instill the confidence of businesses and job seekers, and trust that they will deliver the best outcome for them.

The recruitment company sends its Trustpilot profile to clients and candidates each month, but a lot of customers frequently mention that they’ve chosen to call Gough Recruitment due to seeing so many positive comments on Trustpilot.

Improving every day with reviews

To continually improve and innovate, Gough Recruitment’s ‘review expert’ is in charge of the company’s review strategy. However, everyone in the business is involved in the collection of reviews - especially Recruitment Consultants, who play a big role in getting candidates to leave feedback on Trustpilot.

The company also finds that reviews help the teams get insights into what works, what doesn’t, and what could be improved.

As Diane puts it: “There has been a lot of reassurance that we are meeting both client and candidate expectations in terms of timing of finding the right candidate or on the flipside, finding the right role.”

This helps employees adjust their recruitment tactics to deliver a superb customer experience.

But the customer satisfaction focus doesn’t end with only delivering a great experience. It extends to the ability to really understand what someone is looking for, and making the match.

Trustpilot motivates all employees to become a little greater every day, and to tailor each experience to the client or candidate. After all, happy customers are loyal customers.

It can be challenging to instill trust in the recruiting industry, but Trustpilot has really helped Gough communicate tactfully.

And we have no doubt Gough will continue to grow brand trust.

If you want to power your business forward with reviews, why not schedule a demo? It’s quick and easy. Just click the link below.